If you're planning a skiing holiday and not sure what to pack, this handy guide will help you plan what to take.

Are you wondering what to pack for your ski trip?

If you’re planning a skiing holiday it can be a little overwhelming deciding what to take with you. I’ll admit the first time I ridiculously overpacked, but as the seasons have passed I’m pretty confident on what to take with me. Ski trips are mostly relaxed where clothes are concerned, so apart from the ski essentials for the daytime which I’ll list below, you really don’t need much in the evening apart from comfy clothes. Hopefully this guide will help you if you’re looking to go on a ski trip.

Packing the Essentials

  • Ski Jacket
  • Salopettes/Ski Trousers
  • Thermal Base Layers
  • Mid Layers/Fleece Jumper
  • Ski Socks
  • Ski Gloves/Mittens
  • Warm Hat
  • Ski Helmet
  • Ski Goggles
  • Waterproof Snow Boots
  • Neck Warmer/Snood (or colder days)
  • Sun Cream
  • Backpack (if you’re needing to carry gopro, snacks or any other equipment with you.)
If you're planning a skiing holiday and not sure what to pack, this handy guide will help you plan what to take.

Apart from the usual items you would take on holiday (pj’s, beauty essentials etc) I always find it a good idea to pack an extra jacket and maybe a spare pair of gloves encase you want to venture out after skiing and your ski coat is damp/drying.

We prefer to hire our skis, poles and boots in resort as purchasing these can be quite expensive. Most places have excellent equipment available for hire and it’s a lot easier to travel when you are not lugging heavy or oversized equipment with you.

I hope this list helped you, if you have any questions please let me know and I’ll try my best to help or point you in the right direction. I’m also putting together a guide on what to pack for children so keep an eye out for that!

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Family Ski trip to Megeve

Where the love of skiing started…

About 7 years ago my Husband suddenly announced “Why don’t we go skiing?” He’d been a couple of times before but I’d never set foot on a pair of skis, to be honest at the time I couldn’t think of something I wanted to do less! We just had the one child aged 4, and within weeks somehow i’d been convinced and there we were in the lift on our way up the mountain.

I’d be lying if I said I took to it easily, you’ll soon realise if you take children on a ski trip with you that they will be far more natural at it and be overtaking you in no time. However, the scenery, the atmosphere, the apres ski (I was very good at that)… its addictive. As soon as our trip was over all I could think about was when could we go back, the girl who was only interested in hot sunny climates (and certainly not an adrenaline sport lover) suddenly wanted to don the thermals again and get back on the slopes.

Fast forward 7 years, another child and a LOT of ski lessons I can firmly say this is one of my favourite holidays. Once you get the bug for skiing its hard to shift. A couple of weeks ago we headed out to our favourite resort Megeve for a week in the mountains.

Family Ski trip to Megeve
Family Ski trip to Megeve

What’s Megeve Like?

Quite simply, Megeve is beautiful. It’s so easy to get to, we fly into Geneva usually from Southampton or Heathrow, and have about an hours transfer over to France. It’s been attracting the rich and famous since the 1920’s and you can see why. Infact in 1963 the Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant film Charade was made on location in Megeve. The centre is filled with cobbled streets and a huge Christmas tree (anywhere with a huge Christmas tree up for months on end is a hit with me), where you can enjoy a walk around the designer boutiques, a glass of something in one of the many bars or maybe a horse drawn sleigh ride.

Family Ski trip to Megeve

Megeve At Night

Walking through the centre at night you’re met with a sea of fairy lights hung from every buiilding. I remember my first time here and couldn’t believe how beautiful it all looked. Megeve certainly comes alive at night, bars, restaurants, music, there’s something for everyone. If you’re holidaying with kids I can recommend Deli’s Pizza, but if you’re popping out for dinner as adults and looking for something a little more special then Hotel St George is the place.

Family Ski trip to Megeve
Family Ski trip to Megeve
Family Ski trip to Megeve

Heading up the mountain

The slopes are in three parts, Rochbrune, Mont d’Arbois and Le Jaillet, with Mont Blanc in full view. Rochbrune is easily accessed via a main lift from the centre of town, the others via the free ski-buses which mostly run every 10-20 minutes, although there is a cross valley cable car which runs between Rochbrune and Mont d-Arbois. So all slopes are easily accessible from the town, perfect for both beginners and the more advanced skier. Megeve is definitely a family friendly resort, something that was important for us.

Up at the very top of Rochbrune you will find one of my favourite restaurants, ‘Super Megeve’ to sit and have lunch, or maybe just a coffee whilst taking in the most amazing views.

Family Ski trip to Megeve
Family Ski trip to Megeve

Family Ski trip to Megeve
Family Ski trip to Megeve
Family Ski trip to Megeve
Family Ski trip to Megeve

Is there much to do if you don’t ski?

There is lots to do if you don’t fancy getting on a pair of ski’s. You can purchase a walkers pass which will give you access to the lifts to get up to the top and enjoy a walk around and take in the scenery. Also available amongst many other activities I’m sure I’m forgetting is snow walking, hiking, ice skating, sledging etc to indulge in.

In the town you’ll find the Palais des Sports which has various amenities such as rock climbing, a gym, a spa, an ice rink and the most beautiful outdoor thermal pool and sauna in full view of the mountains. There’s nothing to describe swimming around in the warm waters whilst the outside air is in freezing temperatures, it’s heavenly.

Family Ski trip to Megeve

That sums up our little trip to Megeve for this year, it’s so easy to get to if you’re a family looking for a place to ski with a bit of something for everyone. We’re already looking forward to returning next year! Are you a family that ski’s? I’d love to hear where you go!