A Trip To The British Seaside

Weymouth Harbour

Usually as soon as the school holidays roll around I’ve already booked our ticket to somewhere abroad, somewhere guaranteed to offer sunshine, a beach and good food. However with the weather in the UK recently being compared to that of a long haul destination, and trying to save for house renovations, we decided to holiday a little closer to home.

Normally we reserve visits to the British seaside for a slightly colder day with the dog in tow, as there’s a well known fact as soon as the sun appears in the south a million people and their families get in the car, join the motorway and head to the beach. That is not a relaxing break I tell you.

However this year, with a bit of research and the decision that we would drive down in the evening to avoid sitting in traffic we booked our little vacay in sunny old Weymouth.

Weymouth is a seaside town I used to visit as a child, along with Swanage which is just along the coast. We found a cute house along the old harbour (it isn’t a holiday unless you can see the boats) through Dream Cottages, who we have used a couple of times before.

Bridge End House was situated right opposite the bridge, which lifts every couple of hours thoughout the day to let yachts and larger boats into the harbour. This proved for much excitement with my two boys seeing as they had a prime view from all the windows in the house.

Weymouth Harbour

Weymouth Beachfront

Instead of sticking with the main beach we went on a little mission to find lots of other little beaches and coves in the area. I remember visiting places when I was a child such as Lulworth Cove, Durdle Door and Corfe, and I was excited to go back there with my children.

With this year being the year my Husband decided to introduce the boys to beach fishing, we saught the expertise of local fisherman who guided us to the most wonderful locations. A couple of evenings we spent sitting on a beautiful pebble beach, watching the sunset with fish and chips and a bottle of something cold. Those were my favourites.

Fishing in Dorset

Sunset Fishing

As is usual with a trip to Weymouth, most days included an ice cream or two, a visit to the arcade to win vast amounts of tickets (which incase you’re interested we swapped in for sweets and a variety of plastic knick knacks) and crab fishing along the old harbour. Some of the best fish and chips can be found here too, which in my opinion was Bennetts Fish and Chips (and we tried ALOT to compare!) There’s nothing better than sitting on a harbour wall in the evening watching the boats come back in from a day out at sea.

We enjoyed a trip to an old favourite of ours The Crab House Cafe, situated on the way to Portland overlooking the breathtaking views of Chesil Beach. If you’re a fan of seafood then this really is a must place to visit, although I recommend booking as its a popular place. They farm their own oyster beds so you can enjoy them literally minutes after they leave the water. This time we chose the crabs which were delicious, the boys particularly loved that they came with a little hammer and nut-crackers to help get the meat out of the shell.

The Crab House Cafe

Our trip to Lulworth Cove brought back memories of my childhood. I remember walking down the path to the stony beach at the bottom. Although it’s much busier now, with a good choice of places to eat and drink it was exactly as I remembered. We found a cute place at the bottom called The Boat House Cafe, and ordered a little afternoon tea to take away so we could enjoy it on the beach. Apart from the wasps which were very persistent in joining in, it was pretty perfect.

Lulworth Cove

Just up the road from here we called into Durdle Door on the way home to see the famous limestone arch. It was a little windy up the top but worth it to see the magnificent views. We’re planning to come back here another day hopefully when it’s a little quieter.

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We loved our little break in Weymouth, blessed with sunny weather most of the week, apart from the last day when we tried to visit Lyme Regis, we pretty much got rained off and had to hide in the arcades, little boutiques and pasty shops. Admittedly there are worst places to hide out.

We spent a lovely week exploring more of Dorset than we previously had, the boys loved it especially the quiet fishing beaches. We’ll certainly be back.

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